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Do you know your cricket? If you do you could win some bitcoin prizes.

Bitcricket provides the best cricket selection of fantasy teams, collectibles, quizzes and contests online. If you are good enough, you could also win some Bitcoin along the way.

Test your cricket knowledge and compete against others for all of the prizes.

Compete against another member and choose the right answer - choose wisely and you WIN.

* Name a team the same as our panel and you WIN. Using clues, form and statistics, name your best team.

* Take a quiz to win our crickibles. Get hold of the whole set to WIN.

* Feeling certain about the outcome of a game? Have a cricket bet to WIN.

* Play our fantasy sports against other members to WIN.

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We love cricket as much as you do.

In fact, we spend our spare time training in the cricket nets and on the field whenever we can. We live and breathe cricket. So much so, along with our love for Bitcoin, we designed a cricket platform for others to test their cricket knowledge.

We have put together a platform of new and innovative challenges for cricket lovers.

If you know your cricket general knowledge, history and statistics, you will enjoy what Bitcricket brings to the table.

So have fun, apply your skill and win some prizes.


Bitcricket offers the largest range of cricket related competitions that are fun and interactive.


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Even if you don’t win the major prizes, we offer you free entry into our monthly leaderboard. We tally up your Bitcricket event involvement to determine the winner.


Get a feel of who is hot and who is not by chatting with other Bitcricket members. We offer a chat facility if you wish to engage in cricket chat.

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Even if you don’t win the major prizes, we offer you free entry into our monthly leaderboard. We tally up your involvement in ALL Bitcricket events. The highest member wins.

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  • Bitcricket is exciting and fun. We want to keep it that way.
  • Please only contribute what you can afford to lose.
  • We urge you to show restraint and discipline.
  • If you think you have a problem and you would like to talk to someone about it, please contact your local gambling helpline in your local city.

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Warning: Bitcricket is extremely addictive. Please remember to get sleep.


Do you have superior cricket knowledge?

You are going to need it. Victory could be as simple as defeating another member and getting 1 answer correct. It's You Vs Me!

Bitcricket needs you to be on your game. Take part in our quizzes, fantasy sports and competitions to WIN.

Test out your cricket knowledge in our Crickibles events. Take part in daily quizzes to win a crickible. The entrant with the most crickibles collected at the end of the event will be the winner.


There is always something to do!

The staff at Bitcricket will ensure that there is plenty to keep you busy. There is always cricket played somewhere, which means we always have events running.

Name a team the same as our expert panel, bet on a cricket game, take quizzes to win the collectible cricibles, or make a fantasy team and compete for points.

Whatever your choice, you have others that share the same beautiful passion for cricket, so join us in our cricket chat which runs all day.


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